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USATT's First Family of Table Tennis by David Fullen

Canada Cup

Men's Single result: Zhang, Wilson is another new world class player from China.

1/4 final Peter-Paul, Pradeeban beat Kamkar-Parsi, Homayoun.(def) Kassam, Faazil beat Cabrera, Ignacio.(-5,-10,4,2,9,7)

1/2 Final Zhang, Wilson beat Peter-Paul,Pradeeban(6,7,6,-7,9) Csaba,Bence beat Kassam,Faazil(6,-11,-7,5,-7,12,3)

Final Zhang, Wilson beat Csaba, Bence (6,10,-6,7,3)

Women's Final result:

1/4 Final Chris Xu beat Sara Yuen (-6,8,4,1,4) Marie, Christine Roussy beat Wennin Chiu(9,7,-6,-7,6,8)

1/2 Final Zhang Mo beat Chris Xu (6,5,-8,6,-6,8) Judy beat Marie-Chirstine Roussy(4,5,6,5,)

Final Judy long beat Zhang Mo (-7,6,-10,10,9,7)

US Cadet Girl Team arrived in Ottawa, Canada on April 20 and started our training with the Canadian Cadet Team. There were a total of ten players The training lasted for three days from April 21 to 23. Then we played in the Canadian Cup Championships which was held over two days, April 24 to 25

Judy finished in the top eight, Wang Chun Yi finished number one in the B division which was 9th place. Barbara Wei advanced to the semi-finals of the B division and lost Chun Yi. However, to get out of her opening round robin, she made several good comebacks against Tracy Yuen and Alice Chiu. Rita Wu couldnít make it to the Top 16 but she improved a lot after the camp and the tournament. Her forehand loop was definitely stronger. Looking at the results of The Canadian Cup Championship lead me to the following conclusions.

I. There are many new junior players that are showing improvement, which is much higher than the last generation. Especially in the Womenís division, Mo Zhang, a 15-year-old cadet team member, that immigrated from China last year and finished in the finals.

II. The Canadian National Junior Team is very dedicated to the improvement of their top players. These players live at the training center in Ottawa and receive monthly funding of approximately $800 per month, plus a free education. The US needs to develop a World Champion within the next 10 years and to do so, we must start a strong training program with our players at a very young age.

1. We should provide an after-school training program. To do this we should do the following.

a) We should contact our schools and send coaches to their local schools for exhibitions.

b) The USATT should provide the coaches for the schools to help them start programs such as an after-school Table Tennis Club.

c) Local Table Tennis Clubs can set up training programs for our children after school. These sessions can be two hours, maybe from 4pm to 6pm.

2. We should send our promising junior players overseas to train, possibly during the summer break, winter break, and/or spring break. China and Sweden are two of the best countries in the world to support junior training. The USATT should set aside funding for these young players to train overseas.

3. The Canadian and US teams should work together, even though we are in competition with each other. For example, the US Menís team finished 35th in the World Championships, and Canadian Menís team finished just a little bit better, but both teams are still not near the top. If we work together maybe we both can benefit and move to higher levels. Moreover we need to require our top players to help support our junior programs. Our juniors need to train with our top players.

4. Canada and the United States are the two of the richest countries in the world and more and more foreigners will want to immigrate here. For the US and Canada, this is good news. We can use these good players that are from different countries to help and support our young players. When we run clinics or camps, we must make sure we have funding for these top players, so as to benefit our junior players as training partners.

5. China is very strong at table tennis because they have so many practice partners with such varied styles to aid in the growth of the junior players. Comparatively, the Chinese Womenís team has dominated the world which is more consistent than the Chinese Mens, because they have the opportunity to practice with the top men.

The US Women's team is top 16 in the world. If the US Cadet Girls can have the same opportunity to train with the top Women or top Junior Boys in the country, I believe that their level will improve tremendously and possibly reach the World Class level in the not-so-distant future.