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US Junior Girls Team defeats the Canadians 3-1 in the Finals

2010 ITTF Junior Circuit’s Ecuador Open,Guayaquil, ECU, Sept. 8-12, 2010

                             by Lily Yip, US Junior Team Coach

In the setting of sunny Ecuador, a country full of natural beauty and biodiversity, Ariel Hsing continued her winning ways winning three Gold and one Silver Medals. Once again she demonstrated why she is North America's premier cadet player.  She dominated her opponents to win the Pan Am Cadet Challenge Qualification Event. In the finals Ariel she defeated Caroline Kumahara from Brazil in four straight games. Congratulations Ariel! 

In the Finals of the Cadet Girl's Singles Ariel Hsing again defeated Caroline Kumahara of Brazil 3:2 to win the Gold Medal. 

In the Finals of the Junior Girls' Singles Ariel Hsing mounted a gutsy and thrilling comeback only to be edged out by the #32 World-ranked Woman, Kasumi Ishikawa from Japan, 3:4. Ariel was trailing 0:3 in games then tied it at 3:3, but the seventeen year old's experience gave her the victory 4:3.  Gracious in defeat, Ariel gave credit to a worthy opponent for her excellent placement, spin variations, and services. However, throughout the match Ariel demonstrated that her training in  China, Singapore , plus her YOG experience gave her good fundamental training, match experience, and mental development. Consequently, Ariel put it all together to freely play her signature attacking style without being inhibited by the pressure of playing a world-class player. Furthermore, Ariel herself played like a world-class Woman's player.

As for our Junior Girls Team, we won the Gold. In the Finals, our team of Ariel Hsing, Lily Zhang, Erica Wu, and Anne Deng dominated the Canadians 3:1.

First Stage- USA was placed in Group A.

1st Round:

USA defeated Ecuador C 3:0 

Ariel Hsing def. Veronica Pazmino 3:0

Erica Wu def. Lisette Molina 3:0

Anne Deng/Erica Wu def. Lisette Molina/Veronica Pazmino 3:1

2nd Round:

USA def. Canada A 3:1

Anqi Luo (CAN) def. Erica Wu 3:2

Ariel Hsing def. Ly Li Quan 3:0

Ariel Hsing/Anne Deng def. Anqi Luo/Ly Li Quan 3:1

Ariel Hsing  def. Anqi Luo 3:1  


USA def. Ecuador B  3:0 

Erica Wu def. Joselyn Peralta 3:0

Ariel Hsing def. Maria Barco 3:0

Lily Zhang/Anne Deng def. Joselyn Peralto/Marla Barco 3:0


USA def. Canada A  3:1  

Lily Zhang def. Ly Li Quan 3:0

Ariel Hsing def. Anqi Luo 3:0

Ly Li Quan/Anqi Luo def. Anne Deng/Erica Wu 3:2

Ariel Hsing def. Ly Li Quan 3:0

Congratulations to all of our Girls for their excellent play. Coach Emilia Gheorghe coaching expertise played a very important role to our successful results. This was another positive experience and stepping-stone for our USATT Junior Development Program.

The party after the tournament finished

The Junior Girls awards ceremony.