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My dream will become reality

Dec. 14, 1998

I have competed for the U.S. the past eight years. Because I had to train and travel, I did

not have too much time to do coaching. But I did give some private lessons. Last year I spend more time for coaching, especially since my visit to the Boys&Girls Club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida last Summer. It gave me motivation to work harder to be a full time coach, but my rating go down to 2282 from 2515.

Anyway, the children in Florida, received me with warm appreciation. I visited four of ten facilities and I still remember the long lines of kids waiting to challenge me to a five-point game. Any kids who got one point received an autographed ball. I treasure the memories of the childrenís smiling face who earned this prize.

After I return to New Jersey, my heart still feel warm from my experience. I had a dream to promote this sport and make it as popularly as it is in Asia and Europe. I have aggressively organized three clinics a week with more than fifty students and I focus on Junior development. Table tennis junior clinics are the best way to increase participation. I would like to share some points that help in running a successful clinic.

1. Never stop learning

In life you never stop learning. I earned my physical education degree(major is table tennis) while I was a professional player in China, but I still fell that I need to learn more. That is why I still participate the international competition for US and continue my education in college . . . Here I would like to thanks my friend, Joyce who gave me a lot of books to read and always encourages me to be strong.

2. Promotion

Promotion of the clinic is crucial. I received a good response from doing exhibitions, direct mailings, publishing my articles in Table Tennis topics and though word of mouth. I also like to thanks those friends who try to help me to promote this sport.

3. Sponsorship

I am fortunate to have two such facilities, "Inman Sports Club" in Edison, and The New Jersey table tennis Club" in Westfield. There were 11 tables in Inman Sport Club and eight tables in Westfield Club. I also put four tables in my home. I have a great sponsor, my husband, Barry Dattel who gives me encouragement and financial support to start the Club. I show my appreciation by practicing table tennis with him and give him free lessons.

I am going to run more clinics in Warren Health &Racquet Club from April 3, 1999

(149 Mt. Bethel Warren NJ 07059 )

There are ten tables in this Club. I appreciate Warren Health &Racquet Clubís support. Thanks.

4. Have a good plan.

Planning ahead, demonstrate each drill, letting the participants know what to expect.

5. Assistant coaches and Volunteers

I have to hire knowledgeable coaches that have patience and a loving heart for children. Beside hiring coaches, I also ask for volunteers to help. I appreciate those volunteers who care for the kids. They help me to give one on one attention to all my students, because I canít do everything.

6. Parents involvement

Table tennis is a family event. I provide two or three tables for the parents to play and to get involved. The parents have fun and the children will be influenced positively from the parents.

Table tennis clinics are the best way to bring large numbers of "basement players" into mainstream table tennis. It is a great life time sport. I hope my clinics will get bigger and bigger. My dream will become reality.