Kam Man Cup - Metropolitan Open Team Championships
September 3-4, 2005
SUNY/Rockland Community College Field House, Suffern, New York
From left to right are Lily Yip, Kam Man Foods Sponsor, Mr. Hei Chan, Dr. De Tran, Tahl Leibovitz,
Paul David, David Zhuang, Ben Johnson, Di Maharaj, Keith Alban, Sonia Barton and Referee Y.C. Lee

From left to right are Li Jie Ling  (my bronze medal partner for womens doubles in the China Championships 25 years ago),  Sonia Barton of the Mayors
office from the Town of Spring Valley, Mr. Hei Chan, President of Kam Man Foods, Mayor George O Darden of Spring Valley, Lily and the Mayors' family.

Our first Kam Man Cup – Metropolitan Team Championships was a success.

This is our first try at running a large team event at the 90,000 square foot SUNY/Rockland Community College Field House in Suffern, New York.
The floor was a soft, non slip rubberized surface. All tables had plenty of court space. Playing the team event for many players introduced a renewed team spirit and a chance to make new friends. Many teams were comprised of players from different states, countries and different races. Both men and women competed against and with each other. Everyone was on an equal terms. The players were very satisfied with the amount of matches they played except one senior player came to me stating “Lily are you trying to kill me? I am 65 years old, I have been playing matches non stop all day!”

The tournament had different events for all levels of play, including an 1100, 1600, 1800, 2050, 2300 and Super Divisions. In the Super Division Finals Sunday Morning, which was attended by Mayor Gorge O Darden of Spring Valley, Tahl’s Big Apple Table Tennis Team defeated Adam Hugh’s team in a nine match thriller, with De Tran defeating Misha Kazantsez 11-9 in the fifth and final game to secure a finals birth. Di Maharaj’s Florida Team then defeated Shao Yu’s NYTTC’s Team. Big Apple Table Tennis won the $3000 First Prize in a convincing fashion. Third Place was won by Adam Hugh’s Team over Shao Yu’s Team

The big winners were Tahl’s and Moshen’s Big Apple Table Tennis Club as they won both the Super Division and 2050 events. The tournaments success is also do to the great support from Mayor George O. Darden of the Town of Spring Valley who sent many volunteers to help with the tournament.We are also very grateful to all of our sponsors including our Title Sponsor Kam Man Foods, Metro Funding Corp and Kramer Appraisal Services Inc.

Many thanks go to Larry Bavly and David Marcus for doing a terrific job at the control desk, YC Lee as always did a great and thorough job as the referee and the many volunteers that helped setup the facility including our volunteers from the Town of Spring Valley, New York led by Sonia Barton. We would also like to thank many of the local players from the New York, Connecticut and New Jersey Clubs for promoting and participating in our event. I would like to name all these players that helped, but I promised Larry a short article. But I can’t help just naming a few. Special thanks go to Steve Blijheid, Michael Henry, Atanda Musa for the many New York teams that participated.

Thank you to all the players for their many compliments. I will try my best for a bigger and better event next year. We hope to see you there.

Super Division
PlaceTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Player 5
1stBig Apple Table TennisTahl LeibovitzPaul DavidDe TranDavid Zhuang
2ndFlorida IDi MaharajKeith AlbanBen Johnson
3rdNJ YouthAdam HughMikhail KazantsevBenny Kuchero
PlaceTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Player 5
1stDinamoVitaly KoretskySvetlana PanichIgor KulybaMichael ShurOleg Zalesskiy
2ndBRC Striker PlatinumMichael HenryShawn EmbletonJohn DuncanStephen Grant
3rdTeam 3Anani LawsonSteve BergerZhong HaiGeorge Brathwaite
PlaceTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Player 5
1stBig Apple Table Tennis 2Moshen JavaheriJohn BauerColin LemesseyFeng Li
2ndPotomac MarylandTom OrlikRoger AbbottJulian Waters
3rdBRC Striker GoldPercival DublinKelvin DuesburyFrancine AbramsFritz-Weber Noel
PlaceTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Player 5
1stEast End TTCKent TillinghastJohn UdazeDaniel Flores
2ndBRC Striker SilverJamaal AbramsShaun AbramsPatricia ThelwellLeroy KingBrian Cort
3rdCT1Donald FeltenbergerSteve BlijheidTommy Castronovo
PlaceTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Player 5
1stNJTTC 99Kevin KuznetzowIrwin KuznetzowEthan Harel
2ndNothing But NetHarry DineshIrving AdamsChitra Venkatraman
3rdThe Sour GrapesLisa CavanaghGizella HajdukElin PosnerAndrea Braunfeld
PlaceTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Player 5
1stBRC Striker JrDamian BrewsterGordon ConnellKen RolandJalicia ConnellJonathan Reid
2ndTeam 1Julian DivietroEric WangChris Reynolds
3rdLily 2Andrew HawnSteven LuDrew Wilke