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1992 & 1996 US Olympian

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Lily's Hall of Fame Speech (audio only - 5 mins.)
Welcome to my site and I hope I can help improve your game!
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USATT's First Family of Table Tennis by David Fullen


Lily Yip - Ping Pong Powerhouse
By Peter Genovese
NJ Star Legder (2/2008)

Family's Racket is Table Tennis
By Mark Kram
Philadelphia Daily News (1/2008)

Meet Your USA Team and our Sposnors
(2008 Worlds)

US Table Tennis Articles from the 1930's
Lily with World Champions Sol Schiff (center) and Laszlo Bellak (right)

Tim Boggan's Hall of Fame introduction speech for Lily

Ben Dattel Table Tennis Topics Profile July/August 1979

New York Times article of Lily and Barry from 1995

Tournament Write Up, Results and Pictures for the 6th FIT Open

Brazil Trip with US Juniors Teams
Summer 2005

China Trip with US Juniors Teams - Summer 2005

Kam Man Cup - Metro. Open Team Table Tennis Championships
NY (9/2005)

ITTF Junior Circuit - Canada

ITTF World Cadet Challenge in Malaysia 2003

Canadian Cup (Junior Championships - April 2004)

Nobody Beats the Wiz (Judy Hugh)
by Bill Glovin
Rutgers Magazine (Winter 2009)

Hugh plays for 2008 Olympics - by Brittany Urick - Daily Princetonian

Article on Lily and Family - 7/11/2008 (in Chinese only) - The Duowei Times

Canadian Cup (Senior Championships - April 2004)

NJ Star Ledger Article (2/17/2000)

NJ Star Ledger Article - Picture-perfect moments in women's sports (2001)

The Westfield Leader and The Times Article
(in 2000)

Adam Hugh USATT Junior of the Month

Juniors of the Month: Adam & Judy Hugh

China Newspaper Nanhai Table Tennis Artice (Image)

My Dream Will Become Reality

I barely made the team

The Flow (by Joyce Miller) A poem inspired by I barely made the team

Tournament Blues and Game Playing Fears (by Joyce Miller)

By Leslie Murray

Barry, Elayne (Barry's Mother) and Lily's 
Article in Chinese Only

Judy around age 8

Adam and Judy practice for 2008 Olympic Trials
Ariel Hsing Wins the Pan American Tryouts and Qualifies for the 2010 Youth Olympic Games
World Journal article in Chinese on our Zhong Jian Cup - 12th FIT Open
March 27-28, 2010

2010 Italian Junior & Cadet Open,     Lignano, Italy, March 25-28, 2010

2010 Joola Austrian Junior Open, Linz, Austria, April 1-3, 2010

2010 Venezuela Junior & Cadet Open-ITTF Junior Circuit, /YOG Qualification 
Valencia, VEN, Apr 19 - 25

Future U.S. Champions Shine Bright at the Hopes Events, Valencia, VEN. , April 19-23, 2010

US National Junior Girls Team Qualifies for the World Junior Championships in Slovakia
by USA Junior Team Coach Lily Yip

Lily and Ariel Hsing at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games Openning Ceremonies in Singapore

2010 ITTF Junior Circuit?uador Open,Guayaquil, ECU, Sept. 8-12, 2010

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