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Lily's Hall of Fame Speech (audio only - 5 mins.)
Welcome to my site and I hope I can help improve your game!
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USATT's First Family of Table Tennis by David Fullen

The Tournament Software Features List

Major Features:
Allows for up to 999 events per tournament
Allows for access of multiple tournaments
Does single elimination draws up to 1024 players
Allows the selection of a default printer for the tournament program
Does round robin groups from 3 to 26 player groups.
Users can setup up round robins by number of groups and will show the breakdown of all options on an onscreen grid.
Tracks single, doubles and team events.
Seeds Round Robins by snake or straight methods
Players in Round Robin (RR) or Single Elimination (SE) draws can be swapped between groups, deleted or inserted
Round Robin Group advancers can be imported into Single Elimination draws or Final Round Robin Groups
Seeding and placement into draws is done following ITTF and USATT regulations
A Results file/Tournament Report can be generated to be sent electronically to USATT, which includes all tournament players and matches played in USATT Report Format.
A USATT internet import option will insert as well as update existing players in the database with all players viewable on the USATT Website (,
This import will update the players database with their latest ratings, expiration dates and state they live in
Player Numbers can be generated for each player in the tournament
USATT Membership Types List can be added/updated with current USATT fees which will be used in player entry for charging proper membership fees
Added the ability to add SMTP Data so emails can be sent directly from the software
Added the abilitly to upload tournament players and results to the internet for player viewing

Tournament Setup Module:
Tournament Event fees can be charged by individual event or by a table of fees.   (This table has Adult and Junior Fees separated) 
A Late fee amount can be set up for use in the player entry module
A Ratings fee amount can be added for use in the player entry module
A Registrations fee amount can be added  for use in the player entry module
A Junior birthdate can be setup to specify for use with Adult or Junior Event table fees (not used with fees done by individual event)
A player event flag can be setup not to allow removal of events entered per player once a draw is made
Tournament Dates can be be added here for length of the tournament which will be used in time schedule calculations
Miscellaneous fees can be added for up to 10 different user specified categories which will be used in player entry for miscellaneous purchases.

Player Entry Module:
Tracks player information including address, financial and events entered
Allows for Adding or modifying of player information
Allows for the adding of events to each player and will flag events when eligibility is in question
Keeps Track of event costs and will total all charges for each player entered into the tournament
Allows for the checking and charging of USATT Membership of any player
Allows for adding of charges for extra items (miscellaneous sales items)
Allows for payment amounts to be added and adjustments to be made to a players total amount due
A check box for player checkin is available which will show in round robin and single elimination draws if a player has checked in
A signature box can be checked if a signature is required and notes can be added
A gender flag is available per player and will be checked for event gender eligibilty
A late fee box when checked will add the late fee to a player's total due
A membership check box will be used to add USATT membership to a player and to generate the membership report and membership receipts.
Email information can be entered to be used for email reports and bulk email distribution
Ratings will be used for seeding in all draws.

Event Entry Module:
Allow for the addition/modification of tournament events
Allows for entry of event days and time which will be used in the time schedule module calculations
Allows for an event price to be added which will be charged in player entry if that event is added to the players total events entered
Allows for selection of type of draws either round robins or single eliminations or round robin preliminary to a single elimination final
Round robins can be set to have one or more advancers advancing to single elimination draws
Allows for selection either 11 or 21 points to win each game. This is used to calculate match winners and break ties
Allows for selection of the number of games to win a round robin match
Allows for selection of the number of games to win a single elimination match
Allows for selection of the number of advancers for round robin groups winners
Allows for selection of the number of players to seed out to single elimination draws if round robin groups are selected
Allows for selection of the maximum number of entrants per event. This is used in creating a time schedule if events have yet to be drawn
Allows for event criteria to be selected: by rating; by age or sex
A check box is available to have event matches results generated to be sent to USATT through the USATT export function
Check boxes are available to state if an event is a doubles or a team event

Doubles/Team Module:
Allows for the pairing of doubles and team partners for doubles / team events

Round Robin Draws Module:
Shows all events that are setup as round robins
Will create round robin groupings based on the snake or straight draw methods
Will show groupings in rating order
Shows the number of players in the event on the screen
Allows for swaps, inserts, deletions of players between groups
Allows for selection of up to 26 players per group
Is able to show all duplicated round robin group matches for easy user modification (will save lots of time checking draws and player frustration)
for easy Player info is shown on screen to help the control desk check for player conflicts: by club; by rating; by city; by state; by events entered; and if a player has checked in
Allows for printing of all groupings as well as changing the font size of the print outs
Allows for printing of all or specific match sheets - match sheets will show whether a player is checked in or not
Allows to print groupings with event info included for control desk conflict checking or without for wall postings
Allows for match scores to be entered by groupings
Allows for advancers to be calculated and selected for each round robin group
Calculates tie breakers if two or more players are tied using the USATT tiebreaking method
Allows for retires and defaults to be recorded

Single Elimination Module:
Shows all events that are single elimination including round robin events that have advancers to single elimination draws
Creates single elimination draws based on players ratings and seeds by ITTF and USATT standards
Allows for player swaps, inserts, deletions
Player info is shown on screen for conflict checking: by club; by rating; by city; by state
Allows for match scores, retires or defaults to be entered
Shows and prints draws
Prints individual or complete round match cards
Print match cards four to a page or one per page
Allows for import of round robin group advancers, if not all groups are done the program will show which groups have not yet finished
Redrawing can be done
Shows player match ups and match scores by rounds  and allows for navigation through all rounds in an event

Master List Report:
Shows a complete list of players in the players database whether entered into the tournament or not

Events List Report:
Shows all events and event info for the tournament and allows for printing of event list

Desk Copy Report:
Shows and allows for printing of all players in tournament with financial and event info

Players List Report:
Shows and allows for printing of all players in the tournament without financial or event info
Allows for listing in name or rating order.
Allows for listing of players by event

Player Registration Report:
Shows all player info in alphabetical order
Allows for printing of individual registration sheets for each player entered un the tournament
Registration sheets contain all information for each player entered in the tournament

Tournament Players Report:
Shows all player info in alphabetical order
Allows for printing including selection of font size and complete lists or selected events lists of player information
Allows for quick linking to player entry for player data modification
Allows for selection of players with balances or refunds, membership checked or checked into the tournament.
Allow for sorting of the viewed player list by any of the header buttons both in ascending and descending orders
Shows totals for players by event
Shows totals for players by membership type
Shows totals for rating fees due USATT
Allows to list players by specified events
Shows total paid, total due and total owed for each player in the tournament and totals for the whole tournament.
Shows all players checked in status
Is able to export all reported player data to a CSV file
Allows for the quick selection for checking in a player
Keeps totals of players checked in
Allows to specify events for listings of players checked in.
Allows for a word merge of all players requiring membership receipts
Allows for the listing of all players that have the membership box in player entry checked
Allows for exporting to a file of emails of players on list for bulk emailing
Allows for specification of players by event
Allows the operator to send email confirmations including complete registration info directly to each player

Export Labels Report:
Allows for a text file of player name and address information to be created for use in merge documents
Selection by State(s) can be used as well as by expiration date
A clubs only check box can be checked to set export list for only clubs
USATT Life members can be included or excluded from all lists generated

Letter Printing Module:
Shows a list of all players entered in the tournament
Allows for player info to be modified by linking to player entry
Shows each player financial info
Allows for the listing of players by specified events
Allows for document merging of lists for tournament entered players
A set of player info fields is available for the setup of merge documents
Merge documents can be selected by specifying file location using drive, folder and files list boxes

Time Scheduling Module:

(Use this module to show how a tournament will run based on entered parameters, such as number of players per event, number of tables and length of matches)

Allows for the setting up of each days time schedule, can be regenerated on the fly for updated tournament parameters such as tables, number of players or events
Allows for the listing of player conflicts based on the last created time schedule
Allows for printing of detailed (player) or summary time schedules by day
Allows for the selection of length of time and number of tables used by players per group, team match length, or individual match length
Total number of tournament tables available can be specified
If draws are created the view schedule will show the actual time needed to complete each days schedule
If draws have not been created the maximum entrants per event will be used to calculate each days schedule
Individual player schedules can be viewed or printed
Player schedules will dipslay all matches by time and table if draws have been created.

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