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Tournament Software

This is the download and setup page for the Tournament Software that will help you to run your Table Tennis Tournaments.

This software should help to save 50 to 100 hours of administrative work for each tournament and allows for easy setup and modification of the draws.

If you would like to try the tournament software please email me at  After you receive the then follow the directions below.

Instructions:  Please unzip the zipped file  and extract the files to a ustta_setup directory then run setup.exe from the ustta_setup directory.

1: This program was written to be displayed in color and in 1024 x 768 mode or higher.  If you use a lower resolution some screens might be partially cut off.
2: If this is your first installation all tables will be created automatically.
3: If you have previously installed the full version and would like the newest available version then you only need to download the program (a zipped exe) and replace the old one with the new version.

Tournament Software Features.                  Tournament Software Manual (pdf)                All tournament software modifications, fixes and enhancements

Thank you,
Barry Dattel

(To view other tournament software screenshots click on the links below.)
Player Entry  Event Entry  Round Robins  Single Eliminations  Player Reports  Time Schedule


Monday, August 09, 2010 8:25 PM


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! We had a wonderful tournament experience during our weekend San Diego tournament. Your software performed flawlessly. Everyone described the tournament as having run very smoothly. Credit goes to your software’s time scheduling capability, player check in reports, player swapping versatility, advancing player calculation, and print out of match cards and results. This software you have developed works, and is an extreme time saver. Thank you for your generosity in making this available and your quick support of all my questions. I could not have run this tournament without the help of your software.

Phil Van De Wiele
Tournament Director