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Tournament Software Modifications

Details of fixes and modifications to the tournament software in descending date order.

8/24/2010 Fixed export csv file from tournament report screen which omitted the firt record. Added this feature to the screen so users would know this feature exists.
4/1/2010 Fixed issues entering scores for round robin results.? The program will not let the users into another module while entering scores until the scores module is closed.
2/18/2010 Added a send email confirmation from the Tournament Reports Screen. If you add your correct ISP's SMTP info into the SMTP Data entry found in the utilities menu and also have entered players email, then confirmation email(s) can be generated and automatically sent from the tournament reports module. The info that will be included will be the complete registration for each player, with events requested and amounts due and paid.
2/15/2010 Added an upload tournament feature found in the utilities menu which allows the tournament director to automatically upload the tournament players, events and results to the internet for player viewing. This will allow anyone online to see your tournament and results. It is a very useful tool to allow your players or other players to see what is happening with your tournament. The tournament can be uploaded at anytime with or without matches played. The tournament results web pages are still under construction as I need to complete the single elimination draw results module. Some of our previous tournaments are already viewable at
12/22/2009 Created backup and restore routine for all tournament data files. This module is located under utilities and will allow the user to specify backup and restore locations. All data will be written to a single text file.
Fixed a path error problem when selecting the root directoy as the data directory.
12/4/2009 Added a print button to Tournament Reports to print player notes and fees. Added the ability to create a csv file by right clicking the box that shows the tournament players names. This csv file exists in the tournament data directory and contains all the data that is viewable on the screen including player email address and notes.
11/24/2009 Fixed Print Round Match Cards Error.
11/16/2009 Fixed Create Access Files to delete Single Elimination setup files if they already exist. (This is for users that use existing directories for new tournaments.) Fixed create round robins to work properly when accessed through the main screen or the round robin menu items. Fixed data error when trying to import rr groups into a single elimination draws when round robins groups have not been completed. Added font size selection for printouts in tournament reports and round robins and landscape print orientations. Added scroll bars for the mainform if the maniform is resized smaller. Allowed the mainform to be resized as well as round robins and tournament reports for ease of use. Change the round robins scores entry to be viewable at all times when round robin groups is opened for quick checking of scores entered.
10/16/2009 Added a print button to the single elimination draw screen to print four match cards per page, there is still the original button for one match card per page. Added a print single match card in the new short format by pressing W when the match number box is highlighted in the single elimination screen. Fixed the Microsoft Word merge error when merging players for membership renewall receipts. Added a count to the top of the round robins groups screen for the number of players in the selected event.
8/16/2009 Modified/fixed the calculations of round robin tiebreakers. Calculations are based on the tied players wins/loses as oppose to the players games won over total games played and the same with points. It will work correctly for both 11 and 21 point game formats. The calculation breaks down as follows the first two decimal places are the ratio for games, the next three decimal places are the ratio for points.
8/9/2009 Updated Print Round Robin Group Final Results to include player match points and player advancer positions.
2/26/2009 Added a routine to check for duplicated round robin matches. This routine is accessed in the round robins module and will show all the duplicated round robin group matches. This will allow the tournament director to quickly find all duplicated group matches between the same two players in two different events of course making it very easy for a tournament director to make modifications if desired.
2/5/2009 Completed a major enhancement to allow for Round Robin to Round Robin formats. This will allow the user to set up preliminary rr groups and have the winners advance to a final round robin group. Which in turn can advance to a single elimination or another round robin as long as the previous event created will have its event format changed to either RR to RR or RR to SE instead of RR only.
1/25/2009 Enhanced the program to allow round robin groups sizes up to 25 players per group. Modified the create round group screen to select by number of groups instead of number of players per group. Modified the group grid to show all combinations of groups and allow the user easier and quicker selection of number of groups by clicking on a row in the grid. Modified match entry to handle up to 25 player groups. Modified the match printing to print up to 25 players per group. If there are less than 11 players per group, the printout will be the same as before, if more than 10 than the printout of the players grid will be modified to only include player names and ratings.
1/23/2009 Fixed a bug in Events entry. When starting a new tournament the first entry will not allow the user to select the day field when the first day of the tournament is a Saturday specified in tournament setup. This is very important when looking at the time schedule and trying to figure out how a tournament will run, based on the parameters entered in the Events Module.  Fixed a bug in the single elimination module when importing round robins of only two players.
1/11/2009 Updated my development software environment for the Microsoft Vista 64 bit Operating System install problem issues. Fixed minor issues with round robin match scheduling on robin match sheets.

A minor fix to the Tournament Report module. When double clicking a player it now brings the player up in player entry without extra clicks.


Fixed single elimination bug when selecting a second single elimination event and previously entered scores were not showing. The rounds variable was not being reset to 1.


Modified the Round Robin groups screen to make it easier to read and use.


Updated the program to have a playoff match for third place. There is a checkbox in tournament setup, when checked a third place match will be available.


Modified the Single Elimination Draw method to have byes placed in the draw based on seeded order. The highest seeded player will get the first bye and this method will increment down the seeds to the number of available byes.   Fixed the seeded out code when initializing se draws for imported rr group advancers.


Fixed Main Screen and Tournament Reports for not having a sort done when the plus or minus key is pressed to check a player in.
Fixed problems with accessing remote computers networked drives.  Fixed match card print issue in single elimination when only 2 players in se draw.


Fixed issues with player entry for name not found when double clicking on a player from the Main Screen.


Fixed issues with the tournament setup module, mostly to do with changing/saving tournament
data directory and finding initial tournament data directory
Fixed event entry to allow for selection of the correct start day based on the tournament setup dates.


Updated Tournament Player Reports: Added Numbering to the Results List, Added User Selected Filtering Labels as hearders to printed reports, Fixed bugs when showing events when printing/viewing registrations


Fixed a bug in the tournament setup module that didn't allow for changing to a new directory path for the tournament data. Updated the three year adult membership price to $105 from $100 when creating a new tournament membership table.


Fixed a bug in the Single Elimination Module. If you delete a player and insert another one in its place, exit the Single Elimination form and re-open the form, the inserted player is not there.


*** Major bug fixed in the single elimination module. ***

****If you have downloaded the program in the last few months please download the newest update. ****

In actuallity a counter is not initialized correctly when going back and forth between the main screen and the single elimination draw module. Which in turn will report an incorrect amount of players in the specified single elimination event. This will store invalid records in the scores table which will lead to subscript out of range errors in the single elimination module.


Modified Round Robin Match Sheets to show start day and time of event schedule as oppose to time printed.
Modified Tournament Player Reports to have check boxes that allow for the registration-finance report to be printed in landscape mode and with or without the financial/event totals list.


Fixed the problem with a recurring dialog box popping up when there is only one player available for a single elimination draw.


Modified the print group routines in the Round Robin Groups module. The print font is larger (14) and a Table lable is added to allow for designating a table number for each group printed.


Fixed file path errors when starting up the software basically on a computer that has never had the software before.  Fixed a form modal error when the mainform is minimized and the user is exiting the player entry form.  The mainform will automatically be shown in normal view when exiting the player entry form.


Fixed file not found error for data tables that do not exist for selected directory. This will happen if some of the tables exist but others do not. The program will automatically call the tournament setup module. After saving to the specified directory, missing tables will be recreated.  Added event names to the form captions of round robin and single elimination draws so the user will know which event is displayed on the screen.


Fixed Calendar Bugs used in Tournament Setup and Player Entry.


Added Sort Buttons which are also the column headers for the players list. Pressing the button once will sort the list in an ascending order, press the button a second time will sort the list in descending order.


Fixed bugs when accessing round robin and single elimination draws for events that do not have enough players to make a draw.
Added player event counts to the event list boxes on the main screen.
Change rr and se match sheets, rr group results and se draws to print dates of the tournament as oppose to date printed.


Fixed bugs when using round robin and single elimination modules. These bugs were created with the new main screen.


Added colored buttons to startup form for quicker access to program features. Modified program not to show doubles or team buttons or menu items if doubles/team events do not exist.


Combine Report Modules: Finance, Membership, Checkin, Playerlist into one module. This report allows for specification of all choices from each of the old modules for enhanced player list reporting.


Fixed issue for new event entry not properly recording an event as RR to SE
Added a select printer option to change the default printer for this application. The selected printer will only be selected during the session. Once the application is closed the next time opened the default printer will revert back to the system default printer.
Made many modifications to reports for cosmetics. Also changed the import to only allow for an internet import.


Fixed issue of overlapping printing of titles for single elimination draws


Rewrote the events entry module, please follow on screen instructions for use. This routine will now make it alot quicker for the user to add or modify events in a tournament

Fixed a few bugs in tournament setup. Fixed bug for creating a directory if one already exists. Fixed a bug to reset the data to c:\usattts directory if the current tournament data directory no longer exists.


Modified the Tournament Setup routine. This will routine will now save all information with the pressing of the Save All button. The players database will now be required to reside in the tournament data directory with all other data files. So the past routine of saving it separately has been removed. I have concluded that each tournament's players database is specific to each tournament, so if modified for multiple tournaments, previous tournaments player information may be incorrectly changed. I have also programmed for the preview of past tournament setup info by the double clicking of the tournament drive and data boxes. 

If the user presses the save all button and the tables do not exist in the selected directory than the program will create each of the tournament databases automatically if requested by the user.  This save routine will basically create a new tournament if the databases do not already exist in the new selected directory.  This module will now replace the create new tournament feature as it will allow the creation of new directories and all the tables for use in a new tournament. 

11/9/2007 Added print emails to text file feature to the Finance and Membership Reports. This routine will write the email addresses entered for each player in the tournament to two text files residing in the Tournament Data directory. These files will be called emails.txt and emails2.txt. Emails.txt is all emails separted by semicolons and emails2.txt is emails separated by semicolons and hard returns. By copying the emails from either text file, will allow the user to create an email for any player in the tournament that has a valid email entered.
11/8/2007 Updated and tested the letter merge capablities. Also modified membership reports to create membership receipts through an ms word merge using a USATT modifed membership receipt. There is a button to print all memberships. A single membership can be printed by highlighting the player and pressing the * key. Of course you must have ms word 2003 or later version on your system to use this feature. But it saves a lot of time in getting membership forms ready and you can send the ms word document to the USATT which will save postage and paper.
11/6/2007 The Time Schedule Module has been updated. First make sure that all events have been drawn, otherwise the program will calculate the time schedule on maximium players in event entry. Also make sure to enter day and times for each event in event entry. Otherwise the Time Schedule will not work. After all the Time Schedule screen parameters are entered and checked. Click the create schedule which sets up the time schedule file. The daily schedule can be viewed (then printed or exported) by using view schedule. A summary schedule which shows the event and round or a detailed schedule which will include players names is available. On  the right side of the time schedule a list of entered players resides allowing for viewing, printing and printing to a file of that players schedule. All schedules at one time can be printed by clicking the print all schedules button.
The show conflicts button will show all those players with round robin groups matches that are being played at the same time for each player. This process takes some time if many players are entered. The screen will display the player it is processing in alphabetical order. After the screen of conflicts is visible, there will be a print to file button which will print the results to the tournament data directory called conflicts.txt. Which will also be the same for an individual players schedule file name when printed.
11/3/2007 Modified Player Round Robin Groups. The Match Sheets will display a player in italics if they are not checked in. If the player is checked in the player will display in bold. Added new button to print all groups with events. This button will print all player groups with each players numbered events next to their names. The players will also show in italics if not checked in. This will help the tournament operations know who might have a conflict and who should be ready to play.
9/16/2007 Modified the Checkin Report to allow for fast and easy checkin of players by pressing the + key while a player record is highlighted. Pressing the - key will uncheck that player. When the check box on the report is highlighted it will show all checked in players and the unchecked box will show all players not checked in. Hopefully this wiil make it easier for tournament directors to know who is checked in and allow them to to do this quickly with out having to go into the player entry screen. This feature will be very useful when call matches for events.
9/12/2007 A fix has been found for the interent import failing. It is because of an old component resides on the host machine. It is the MSINET.OCX. Even when installing the tournament software, if  this component exists it will not be overwritten. The porblem is that when the import is run it will just go through the USATT list but not do any of the updates. The date of the old OCX is 1998. If you have this problem please check the timestamp of the module located in the windows/system32 directory, rename it and download a later version.          Thank you to my friend Edmund Suen for finding a solution to this problem.
6/11/2007 Added a check box to the tournament setup screen which will allow/disallow removing a player events when a draw for the event already exists. If the check box is checked than removing an event will be allowed but a message alert will be displayed asking to continue with the event removal. If the check box is not checked than events that have draws will not be able to be removed if draws for those events already exist.
6/5/2007 Modified screen redrawing for single elimination draws. This was fixed by turning off the screen and doing the processing with the screen not visible and once processing was finished turned the screen back on. This was definitely a pain to wait for the screen to redraw each time an event was selected or a round was changed. Also did work on the view se draws screen.
3/21/2007 Fixed the insert player routine in single elimation and round robin groupings. The program will not allow an insert over anything but a Bye. Also fixed the colors of the cells which sometime showed a white foreground over a white background after a delete and an insert. Fixed the grid in the view timeschedule grid which incorrectly showed 12:00Pm as 12:00Am. Fixed the timeschedule view schedule to only show rows that have matches needed to be played. Player individual schedules for each player for the first round of there event can be viewed on screen.
3/17/2007 Fixed Team/Doubles Module for referential integrity. The program now will state if a draw already exists. If any modifications are made to an event with existing draws or scores the draws and scores for that event will be deleted. This is required if teams are modified, added or deleted.
1/15/2007 Fixed the internet import.  USATT changed their servers and/or server addresses.  So the program has been updated with the new addresses
9/30/2006 Fixed all programs that accessed the player list. If players of the same last name existed in the tournament, when the player was selected the first matching last name was brought up in player entry, now it looks for the usatt number for a match.
6/4/2006 Fixed RR and SE for entering game score of 0 for a win or a -0 for a loss.  The -0 will be filed in the scores table as a -999 since the game field is an integer and -0 does not exist as a number.  I will still have to check how this will effect three or more way ties.   The forms, printouts and export files will all display correctly.
6/3/2006 Fixed Team entry screen. The original player lists are now updated correctly.  The deleted team is now removed from all tables.  The counter of the teams entered is now working.  
5/15/2006 Fixed a bug when printing round robin results that included byes in the round robin.  It was giving the bye wins which made the printed round robin results incorrect. In the player entry screen I combined the change player and save events buttons into one save all information button.  Now all player and event info will be saved automatically, this will even delete players out of the tournament if the all the events are removed. This will also fix the bug when exporting players for the USATT report to not include players that were removed from the tournament. 
2/11/2006 New Player Registration Report is available for printing and viewing a players registration information. Modified and fixed the Time Schedule routine.  It will automatically save screen info if create schedule is clicked.   Now it will look and calculate time for team events if the event is marked as a team event in event entry.  Fixed the Time Schedule Team for incorrectly figuring match times based on what I call holes in the schedule. Time Schedule will now figure schedules based on initial draws or if draws do not exist will calculate based on max players in event entry. Please make sure to enter all date and time info for all events in event entry and in tournament setup. This module should allow Tournament Directors to basically figure out time and table constraints without having to enter any player data. Modified AllEvents Info to include number of players in each event.  Modified Financial for easier reading of totals.  Modified Event Entry for modifying maximum entry  (now based on a factor of 2) fixed advancers and seeded out. Modified Player Entry to add email information Modified Player Entry also to ask to save event info if change player button is clicked
12/25/2005 completed player registration sheets report
12/24/2005 fixed some minor bugs, including late fee not calculating correctly in player entry. Created new report for printing of player registration sheets for giving out to players. This report does not print on paper as of yet. But will with the next update.
10/14/2005 fixed tiebreak routine in round robins. Needed to rewrite routine to break ties by points.
6/7/2005 combined the round robin enter scores and update advances into one screen. Improved the tiebreaker routine. Also added the option to click on the win loss grid for updating individual scores with out having to update all scores. Added colors hopefully to make it easier to use.
3/1/2005 made fixes for single elimination for delete and speed problems updated membership values when new tournament is created fixed calculation of rating fees for non rated events in player entry changed the import procedure - you now must create a tab delimited text file and the first record of the text file must be a header record specifying the name of each field in the text file this will tell the import what the column is to be imported, this allow for flexibility whe usatt sends out spreadsheets in different column order
2/15/2005 changed delete all in doubles not to delete events from a player instead only to delete the current pairings from an event
2/8/2005 fixed bug in player entry when adding new players sometime an old player would be overwritten. This happened when doing calculations of indexes, sometimes an record key would exist and be written over even though it was thought not to exist. This logic has now been changed to verify that this key does not exist and to add it as a new record. added print form to schedule printing. This requires a new grid type. The grid now used is a mshflexgrid as opposed to msflexgrid which requires a new dll. This requires a reinstall of the program. Please download the and reinstall. This will not affect any data already entered. fixed some minor bugs in creating doubles teams. note: to create a time schedule first make sure that in tournament setup the dates of the tournament are entered and in events setup all events have a start day and a start time selected. Right now the start day can only be a saturday or sunday. This will be changed in the future. Then all events draws must be created. Then in the timeschedule program you must enter the number of tables for your events and save the parameters entered by clicking the save menu item under the settings menu. After the timescheduling parameters are saved. You will then press create timeschedule. A message will come back when completed. You then can view a detailed or summary of the schedule that is created for the tournament. This schedule is basically a suggested view of how the tournament will run and will not affect any other part of the program. Unfotunately their are many parts of the timeschedule program that still need to be worked on. Such as printing of individual schedules and blocking out of times. These functions are on the screen but are not used as of now.
1/31/2005 (Bug found) An overflow error condition sometimes occurs while trying to select the number of advancers in event setup. The solution to this bug is go into tournament setup and click on update tournament data. This will initialize the utils.dat file. Basically there is garbage in this file until it is initialized. Sometimes with garbage data it will work and sometimes not. But if you start a new tournament be sure to click this button in tournament setup and this will initialize this file correctly. You should also enter info such as tournament name, ratings fees, late fees etc..
1/29/2005 fixed a problem in initialization of single elimination draws for indexing of byes
1/25/2005 Fixed the swap feature for single elimination draw swaps. The program should also redisplay faster. As always I do not let the user insert, delete or swap players after the update scores button is clicked. Changed the create new tournament routine for easier creation of new tournaments Changed Event entry to allow entry of numbers into time and price for faster entry. I have also put some default yes entries on dialog boxes, as in the import netedge data routine
9/24/2004 Added calendar function to player entry. This also fixes the date problems in player entry.
9/11/2004 combines master path, tournament path and tournament setup modules into one for easier tournament setup changes. Also when master path is changed a question will be asked to automatically change the tournament path and the tournament data will be automatical retrieved. This will make it alot quicker and easier to switch between tournaments.
9/6/2004 fixed bug while selecting membership type in player entry
6/1/2004 fixed problem with new tournament creation (most errors were overflow basically junk data in the utils.dat file). Now when a new tournament is created and the data in the utils.dat file is filled with junk, both the tournament setup and the player entry will ignore and zero fill. If a new tournament is created and the tournament setup is not run and saved the player entry will automatically use prices by events as opposed to prices by table (which has to be setup in tournament setup)
5/25/2004 added version date to main screen. fixed natt file import for csv files only having line feed as the end of record identifier fixed program for player databases greater than 32767 (integer maximum) fixed round robin match order print out.
3/3/2004 Modification of NATT CSV file import for records missing quote comma delimited fields
2/29/2004 Fixed event check labeling for player sex in player entry. Program did not check for male/female correctly. Recoded record input for NATT file import of the ratings.csv file. There were inconsistancies in the data file that was downloaded from the web. It seemed that at a certain point in the file before last played date a comma might not exist. Which would then corrupt the import for the rest of the records after the selected bad record. This also fixed the imported date fields(birthday,expiration) for player entry.
2/7/2004 Fixed overflow error in doubles and team create (same bug as in enter players) Fixed bugs for creating draws (SE and RR) for doubles and teams.
2/3/2004 Fixed overflow bug error 6 when entering new players. This error will happen when entering more than 33000 records in the players table This problem basically happened when importing the large NATT csv file. Then trying to add a new player had caused this bug.
1/8/2004 Fixed bug in Doubles entry for an end of file condition - there are no players entered into the doubles event in the tournament
12/14/2003 Time Scheduling bugs fixed still needs much more testing. There are instructions however small on the timeschedule screen under help.
11/17/2003 I have modified the program for an natt file import. I have also modified all tables because the player number type had to be changed. This will require recreation of all data files. If you are starting a new tournament you will have to create all tables anyway, please do not use old player tables. I have also modified the scores section so that pressing q in the round robins will put you directly into scores entry and to advance players, the operator will have to open that screen from the scores screen
9/5/2003 fixed date convert error in player entry screen when adding membership data which drops the user out of the program
9/1/2003 fixed date convert error in player entry screen which drops the user out of the program
5/9/2003 fixed player report programs to allow double clicking on player, which will automatically bring you to player entry and allow for modification reports included are : master list, desk copy, player list, financial, checkin, and membership fixed master list not to show doubles teams modified all events info to allow for double clicking of event which will bring you to events entry and allow for modification of that or other events
5/8/2003 added double click feature in player entry to move selected events between event boxes
5/6/2003 fixed for errors for fields too long - now program truncates fields fixed se printouts for tourny name overwriting date
4/18/2003 fixed error if old data files directory does not exist _ resets systems to c:\usattts fixed time schedule error if events file is empty fixed extra rr created form when there are not enough players to create a draw fixed single elimination for creating an extra preliminary round fixed timescheduling for displaying se events
4/4/2003 fixed import problem when importing to a blank master player file fixed player entry when no data exist for birthdate or expiration date
3/5/2003 fixed problem of players not showing for creating round robin draws, player had doubles flag set, changed program to disregard flag for this routine
2/16/2003 fixed duplication error while importing fixed deleted doubles team from showing in the draws fixed timescheduling program crash if timeschedule exceeds the time specified for the tournament
2/12/2003 fixed import file for fields being too long, fields too long will now be truncated fixed addition for ratings fees in player entry modified export file for usatt, changed delimiter of games to a comma from a semi colon deleted no player message in player entry when player list is empty fixed run time error in player entry for a no match condition when a name is typed in.
1/29/2003 enhanced time scheduling now works for multiple days and matches spanning multiple days time scheduling is now usable but not with block out times and events limited to certain tables
1/28/2003 added fields in tournament setup for tournament start and end dates (needed for time scheduling) modified events entry module for time scheduling - the days of the event will be limited to the tournament dates entered in tournament setup major progress on time scheduling module. Can now be tested with data. You will have to make sure that you have entered the tournament setup info and the events info correctly with all proper times and days Once all preliminary draws are made you can go in and try the timescheduling module (definitely in testing mode)
1/24/2003 fixed calculation of ratings on draws for doubles and teams fixed match number printing on se draws of less than 8 players finished first round calculations of time schedule module.
1/16/2003 fixed event entry to default to 5 games and 1 advancer after a new event is entered added button to print out all match sheets for a round robin event at one time added delete feature to delete a doubles or team in create/edit doubles and teams added seperate module for entry of the master data path for players added seperate module for entry of the tournament data path for tournament data (this path contains all data pertaining to a single tournament and does not have to include the main players files which can be used for multiple tournaments) Took out master list and tournament path entries out of tournament setup screen.  
12/9/2002 fixed bug when swapping a player with a bye in single elimination fixed print and display routines when display or printing draws in the single elimination module  
12/3/2002 add capabilities to round robin screens to set up group seedings for single elimination draw import. The single elimination will import the round robin and seed first from the new index created. If there is no index created through the round robin screens it will automatically revert back to seeding by ittf regulation defaults. There is a limit of only advancing 2 for seeding purposes from any round robin  
11/27/2002 master entry screen and tourney entry screen merged into a players entry screen.  This should make it easier and quicker to enter players into a tournament minor changes to tournament setup screen fixed calculation of events by table for players entry screen  
11/21/2002 fixed subscript of range when updating advancers in round robins modifed events screen for format of event modification for adding or changing players while in tourney entry screen added club, city and state to single elimination draws  
11/20/2002 changes to tournament setup screen changes to player entry screen changes to tournament entry screen to access players screen format fix to printing on screen events list fix for race condition causing entry in view single elimination draws  
11/18/2002 added print all group results button modified round robins groups page, matchcards and group results for printing players club, city and state info made round robin groups grid larger to display the added info.  
11/15/2002 added feature to print round robin results   (press p after highlight group #) fixed bug for entering a game score of zero and having it calculate the wrong winner in the grid fixed bug for printing of more games in the grid then should be needed. fixed bug in tourny code for error when saving for deleting all events from a player. fixed sizing error when displaying round robin grids  
11/14/2002 added module to create new tournament data files this module is call create new tournament under the utilities menu this module will create all data files, including the master data list if desired under the directory specified this routine will write over any data files that are already in the new specified path added programming to tournament utilities to automatically update the screen when a new datapath for tournament files is entered. Make sure to press the save button anytime you make changes. fixed a problem reading wrong directory path for data files.  Was reading the path of the master list, now reading the path of all the other tournament data files fixed master list report bug if no players exist in master list  
11/9/2002 Fixed round robin score entering bug in round robin grid for extra games appearing when negative game scores are entered  
11/8/2002 Added spin button to select rounds in single elimination draws fixed round robin display for defaults and retires to show in grid correctly  
10/29/2002 Fixed bug for swapping players in single elimination module Added Labels for single matchcard printing. Changed dialog box for swapping players (added Y/N) Major work done on time scheduling module  (this module is not ready for tournament use)  
10/25/2002 Fixed error for looking up player name in master report Started programming for time scheduling
10/7/2002 fixed advance feature for round robins added more directions to round robin page added more directions to single elimination and round robin on how to enter scores and to update when changes are made.
fixed match card printing and entry of game scores
corrected alignment on printed reports
added print all groups to round robins
added menu items to round robin and single elimination screens
10/4/2002 Added Events Report
10/1/2002Includes doubles/team setup and changes to tabbing in master entry
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